5 Reasons to Convert to Accounting Seed

Warehouse Inventory Management

I was introduced to Accounting Seed about a year and a half ago. One of our manufacturing clients outgrew QuickBooks and decided to convert their accounting & bookkeeping systems to Accounting Seed. It was a great way to streamline their operations, manage inventory, and have everything in one place! Here are the top 5 reasons you’ll fall in love with Accounting Seed.

1. Accounting Seed is a SalesForce Native App

Accounting Seed is built right into SalesForce! This reduces the need for 2-3+ different systems to keep track of your customers, sales orders, inventory management, PO’s, vendor bills, etc. As we all know, even though most inventory systems advertise they integrate with QuickBooks, the integration is never streamlined & seamless. Accounting Seed relieves those headaches by conveniently storing all of your financial and inventory data in one place!

2. Complete Customization

If you run a manufacturing business, it can be difficult and expensive to reconfigure your internal process to match those of your accounting and inventory tracking systems. Accounting Seed is completely customizable, so you have the flexibility to design your back office systems to match your processes & workflow. The possibilities are endless!

3. Plays Nice with Excel

Another feature I love in Accounting Seed is the ability to push any financial report to Excel. Providing great flexibility when it comes to the design & layout of your financial reports. Another nice benefit are the live links between your Excel reports and Accounting Seed, making it fast and efficient to drill down to get the clarification and details behind your numbers.

4. Budgeting Made Easy

There’s something super simple about creating budgets in Excel. However, most accounting programs don’t make it easy to import your Excel based budget back into your accounting software. Look no further, Accounting Seed offers a great time saving tool with their Excel import features. Not only can you import a budget, but you can also import journal entries!

5. Inventory Serial Number Tracking

Inventory serial tracking provides management with the ability to track parts and products as they move through your company’s manufacturing process. Providing your management team with real-time data behind your company’s inventory turnover rates. Tracking individual parts also increases quality assurance, faster warranty claims support, and an easier recall process. The final outcome is a streamlined inventory process resulting in happy management teams & happy customers.

If your business is outgrowing QuickBooks or are already using SalesForce for your CRM & ERP solutions, I highly recommend checking out Accounting Seed for your financial operations. We would be happy to help with the Accounting Seed conversion or managing your back office accounting operations.

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