Whether you just purchased QuickBooks, your business is converting from another bookkeeping software, your business is upgrading from spreadsheet bookkeeping, or you have a shoebox full of accounting records that need to be organized, Trailhead Accounting Solutions can help you!

What’s included when you hire the Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors at Trailhead Accounting Solutions CPA to set up your QuickBooks bookkeeping software:

Custom Chart of Accounts

We will create a customized chart of accounts designed specifically for your unique business. Meaning your financial reports will provide you with better and more meaningful information! This custom chart of accounts includes income, expense, assets, liabilities, equity, payroll, inventory, receivable, and payable general ledger accounts.

Bank & Credit Card Accounts

Trailhead Accounting Solutions CPA will set up your bank accounts and credit card accounts in QuickBooks. Since you use these accounts every day, this allows your bookkeeper to quickly record transactions to these accounts and easily reconcile them when your monthly statements arrive. We will also record your ending bank and credit card balances along with any outstanding checks, deposits in transit, and outstanding charges, as of your QuickBooks start date.

Enter Beginning Balances

The QuickBooks experts at Trailhead Accounting Solutions CPA will enter your beginning balances as of your QuickBooks start date. We will also enter any outstanding accounts receivable and accounts payable details, as of your QuickBooks start date.

Create List of Items

The outsourced accounting experts at Trailhead Accounting Solutions will assist in creating a list of items for the services you business offers, for the products your business sells, for your inventory items, for your non-inventory items, and for your sales tax items.

Customers and Vendors

Our outsourced bookkeepers will set up your customers and vendors in your new QuickBooks accounting company file.

Compare Trial Balanaces

To ensure accuracy of your new QuickBooks company file, Trailhead Accounting Solutions outsourced accountants will compare your company’s QuickBooks trial balance, as of your QuickBooks start date, against the trail balance from your previous bookkeeping software.

Enter Transactions Since QuickBooks Start Date

In order to hand over an up-to-date QuickBooks file, the virtual bookkeepers at Trailhead Accounting Solutions can assist in entering your bookkeeping transactions since your company’s QuickBooks start date.

QuickBooks Training

Included in our QuickBooks Setup Packages is QuickBooks training for you and/or your company’s accounting department from our Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. This helps to ensure you and/or your accounting department is confident using your new bookkeeping software.

Ongoing Solutions

Once your business is set up with QuickBooks, Trailhead Accounting Solutions has a variety of additional accounting solutions we can offer your business to make sure your accounting continues to run smoothly.