Top 4 Inspiring Podcasts for Successful Business Owners

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I enjoy listening to podcasts. They’re a great mental distraction during a long run, driving to work, or during the workday. I love the new ideas, inspiration, and mental stimulation they provide. It’s also fascinating learning from other successful business owners who are brave enough to share their failures and greatest successes. Podcasts are a dime a dozen these days. I’ve struggled to find podcasts that suck me in and leave me wanting more. So I thought I’d share my current top 4 podcasts that inspire me to be a better business leader and provide me with mental candy to share with my clients in their entrepreneurial journey.

1. EntreLeadership

Hands down, this is my favorite! I’ve listed to the EntreLeadership podcast for years. It never gets old and stale and they continually offer top notch advice. I leave inspired after every episode to try something new in my business. I admire their willingness to share useful tips, tricks, and content about running a business. Typically the first part of the EntreLeadership episode is interviewing a successful business owner and learning their leadership secrets. Then the episode ends with an internal interview, where they share secrets and inside knowledge about what makes the Dave Ramsey organization so successful. As I said before, the EntreLeadership podcast leaves me wanting more and I always leave with at least one action item to test out in my own business.

2. Glambition Radio

I admire Ali Brown. Like most small business owners, she started her business from her kitchen table. She’s managed to create a lucrative and rewarding empire coaching successful female business owners. She’s an articulate speaker and has a magical way of encouraging her guests to open up and share all during her podcast. I highly recommend this podcast for all business owners looking to take their business to the next level. Female entrepreneurs will especially love Glambition Radio (if you can get past the silly name).

3. Smart Passive Income

I’ve just discovered the Smart Passive Income podcast by Pat Flynn and have to say I’m impressed. He has a great line up of guests who share how their businesses generate passive income. I find it inspiring to learn from a wide range of business owners as to how they are leveraging their market and using their creative skills to build passive income. I love this podcast because it challenges me to look at my business and my client’s businesses at a different angle.

4. Businessology

Jason Blumer’s Businessology podcast is another top favorite. There’s something about Jason’s quirky personality that pulls me in. The Businessology podcast is specifically designed for creatives, agencies, and developers. I work with several digital marketing agencies and ad tech companies, so I enjoy learning about new trends in this industry. Even though the Businessology podcast is designed for the creative business sector, Jason’s topics can be applied to any type of business. For example, recently they’ve discussed pricing and virtual partnerships – relevant topics for any business owner trying to complete in today’s market!

Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration about business innovation, becoming a respected leader in your community, and taking your business to the next level from my top podcast recommendations. Please share your favorite business podcasts below in the comments! I’m always looking looking for new podcasts to add to my rotation!

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